We’re super excited to show you ESTHER LIFESTYLE; a new platform that we created with lots of love to inspire you in living your best life

What’s the reason for creating our own lifestyle?

Well, we both feel that our lives have been turned around 360 degrees when we started our life together as a couple. From being a single bachelor in the yachting industry to a newly-wed daddy-to-be and a single hardworking girl living on Ibiza owning her first company to a newly-wed mommy-to-be, both of us have gone through quite a transformation.

Esther Lifestyle is the place where we connect our lives together and where we share our ideas and experiences that we have had so far and the ones still to come. It’s merely a platform that we use to inspire other people to live their life just as it comes and to enjoy every minute of it.

Before meeting each other on Ibiza back in 2016: TJ had always been “Mr. Wing It” and Esther had lived her life as “Mrs. Go With The Flow”. Both our lives as single people included a lot of freedom to go wherever we wanted to go and to do whatever we wanted to do. Very few obligations and not many responsabilities either.

When we met and started living our life together, we had to learn how to combine these 2 single lifestyles into a way that would work for both of us.

Where to live? What to do? What makes us both happy?

All these questions have been going through both our minds over the last couple of years and have taken us in many different directions.

From Ibiza to different cities in The Netherlands and back to the mainland of Spain to now finally accepting that our new home will be in a small town close to the village where Esther grew up in The Netherlands. Say WHAT??? Oh yes, a completely new life, but we’re super excited about it and ready for this next chapter in our life.

Esther Lifestyle is the lifestyle we both created by just following our flow and accepting all the changes and challenges that come onto our path. It is filled with love, humor, compassion, truth and a lot of fun!

Full of ideas and new stories we’d love to entertain you while we learn and grow as a couple and parents-to-be, but most of all we encourage you to also take life just as it comes, to enjoy it and to follow your own flow no matter what!