Mrs. Go With The Flow

Go out and play! That’s what my personal message would be to everyone who is having doubts in his or her life about what to do and where to go.

Is there really something like making a mistake? Do you really need to have all the answers before you take a decision? I’ve come to learn that you don’t…….

For many years I’ve been on a search to find reason in everything that I do or think, believe in and expect from life. Only to come to the conclusion that it all doesn’t matter! Whatever happens in life is OK, it’s all part of the journey and all part of the process that you go through to learn and grow as a person.

The different steps I’ve made in life have been going in many directions, which sometimes were even more confusing to the people aorund me than to myself, but all of them were there to teach me something:


No matter what other people do, say or think about your life, it’s not worth it to stop believing in yourself. This is why I can proudly say today that I have no clue where my life is going, there are no 5-year plans ahead, or strategies written down to get somewhere before a certain time. I just GO WITH THE FLOW!

It might go against what a lof of (business) leaders or successfull people believe is necessary in life to achieve something, but it works for me and that’s all that matters really.

So to see what this mantra actually means in my every-day-life, I’ve decided to blog about the different things that come across my path and how I deal with it. Whether it’s pure joy or a bit of a challenge, I will try to share as best as possible to inspire you to also just go with the flow and live your life like it’s the best gift you’ve ever received!