A few weeks ago TJ and I were happy to share that we are going to be parents! What a new adventure and what a new life will this be….

How is this going to be for “Mr. Wing It” and “Mrs. Go With The Flow”? Is a new little person in our life going to change our flow so much that we will have to start making plans?

To be honest,  this was what went through my mind over and over again the first 3 months of my pregnancy: will we change our lifestyle completely because of a new family member in our lives?

As I went through the hormonal changes which made me pretty tired and nautious, the most difficult thing for me was to realize that my mind just had all these plans in store for me to carry out, but my body was completely unwilling to follow up on those! Ufff, that was a tough cookie to handle, but a very necessary one….

Now that I am half way through my pregnancy there have been a lot more realizations of what this new life is bringing us. So far I’ve come to find out the following:

  • listening to my body is key
  • pregnancy is a great opportunity for laughing and crying at the same time
  • I am starting to learn to focus on just 1 thing at the time
  • wearing high heels while being pregnant is really not comfy
  • I definitely don’t want to live in the city anymore

Many more things to come, many more lessons to learn and experiences to enjoy, but for now this is it. The body says: you’ve done enough for today and it’s time to relax and eat something.

Off I go; the sofa is waiting for me and TJ is preparing a healthy dinner tonight to strengthen my immune system a bit more. This painful skin rash I had last week was the first real side effect I’ve had since my pregnancy that was a bit annoying, so I’m happy to see that the rash is slowly starting to disappear!